About Us

Science and common sense.

We are a skincare brand. We believe in products rooted in good chemistry, rigorous testing and performance ingredients. We believe in being a brand that inspires continuing knowledge and exploration. We like science. And reason. The land. And the body. We make products that help maintain skin health.

Excellence without pretension.

We partnered with a family-owned lab that has been making efficacious skincare products for over four decades. We do not use harsh or harmful ingredients and we believe in safe, stable, results-driven skincare. We use proven ingredients at effective dose levels, delivering targeted actions and optimum results.

Active pursuits. Active recovery.

We believe an active lifestyle imparts a higher quality of life for individuals and the communities in which they live. We like to move. We like to sweat. We like to be outside. To minimize the effects of our activities on the skin, we believe it is imperative to aid the skin in proper recovery. A daily skincare routine and targeted pre- and post-activity application can have a positive impact on the health of your skin. We believe in active pursuits and active recovery.

A brand is people, too.

West Skincare was founded by me, Matthew Ankeny.¬†I'm a cyclist, runner and casual hiker/camper.¬†I¬†love the spirit¬†and diversity of the¬†West ‚ÄĒ¬†utility, independence, hard work, respect for the land.¬†I built¬†WSC for¬†people¬†who love to get outside and push the limits ‚ÄĒ and I promise that my products are the very best¬†to help recover¬†your skin. Athletes deserve the best; we're here for you.

Sky Islands, 2019

Our Principles

Our Routine  

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