Our Pricing

A friend told me that he loved the WSC products he'd purchased, but he found them too expensive to rebuy. I hated to hear that — I want everyone to feel like WSC is a value worth its weight. But, he wasn't wrong. WSC isn't cheap. And how our value compares to others is not overtly clear. Skincare is notoriously confusing on pricing.

The best measure is price per ounce (not the whole story, given how some formulas get more mileage than others, but the best metric). So I took a deep dive to see how we compare to what I would consider our "competition." That resulted in a spreadsheet.

WSC prices vs. "the competition"

As I mulled over those numbers, I felt strongly that I wanted our pricing to be more approachable. I want to be the best products at the best value. So, I reworked our pricing for our core five products, lowering pricing across all five. This did, however, mean we had to adjust shipping cost, to free shipping on orders over $40 and $5 for orders under $40, since the free shipping was partially included into the price per product.

This new pricing offers competitive pricing to other comparable products — although, in my own opinion, those products are less robust. I hope this allows you to continue to enjoy WSC, while knowing that you're getting a great rate for incredible products. If you have any questions about this, please email hello@westskincare.com, we'd love to hear from you.

- Matthew Ankeny, Founder 

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