A Guide to Gifting

You’re on our turf, so you know what you’re going to hear: we think you should gift our products! We only have five (currently — stay tuned), but let’s not shroud this in mystery: if you’re taking our advice, you’re going to gift someone West Skincare. We’d also recommend gifting yourself as well. Don't neglect thyself.

Think Before Buy

Let’s begin this session with a little brainstorm on three things that make a great gift: first, budget; then, need; and finally, an element of surprise. Budget is self-explanatory, but remember, more cost doesn’t mean a better gift. Sticking to your budget makes you a happier and more deliberate gift giver, and if you strike it right, your gift recipient will love what they’ve received, no matter how “affordable” it may be.

Need is a more calculated, thoughtful step. Need and want are two very different things, as we know, and gifting for a need rather than a want can sometimes be tricky. A gift should never be pedantic, but a gift that fills a need can be cherished in the short and long term more than a simple "want" gift. Marry the two and you’ve hit the jackpot.

As for surprise, there’s often a charm to a gift with aplomb — something notably off the list. Especially if it comes from a heartfelt place, the surprising gift can be the most memorable. We think you should gift someone skincare if a) it’s in your budget, b) it’s something your recipient needs (and may even want!) and c) if it’ll be a pleasant surprise, especially coming from you (perhaps you are more skincare savvy than the person receiving the gift).

Gift Guide

Our most affordable and easiest to use products are the Cleanser ($25) and Moisturizer ($35). They’re good for all skin types, potent enough to keep skin healthy and gentle enough to not mess things up. You literally can’t go wrong. Our AHA Cleanser clears off oil and grit, then supplants with soothing plant extracts to calm the skin.

Best for: anyone. Literally. We all need a good Cleanser. Grandma. Nephew. Uncle. Dog. Anyone.

Moisturizer ($35) has a matte finish and won’t leave you oily — something men tend to like, but also something ideal for anyone who errs toward oily skin. Sodium hyaluronate, squalane and glycerin help hydrate skin all day long, even with cold harsh weather (or office air conditioning).

Best for: someone fussy with their skincare who loves a reliable, tried-and-true product. Or guys who worry a moisturizer will make them oily (ours won't).

The crème de la crème of West Skincare gifts is our Recovery Cream ($55). Thick, creamy, a touch fluffy and extremely effective at soothing and nourishing the skin, it’s something every bedside table needs. We find that athletes love Recovery Cream, as it helps calm skin after big efforts, especially outdoors. We use it every night. And our skin loves it.

Best for: the skincare aficionado, the luxurious athlete, that special someone who deserves something special. Or, also great for yourself.

The Scrub ($45) is a sleeper favorite gift. For washing your face, the Cleanser is the conservative bet — everyone needs a good cleanser — but the Scrub is something your gift receiver didn’t know they couldn’t live without. It’s a hybrid exfoliant that digs deep into pores with the salicylic acid and clears the slough on the surface with a mild, non-abrasive physical buff.

Best for: your favorite person. The Scrub will surprise and enthrall them and in a few weeks they will love and adore you even more.

Our award-winning Mask ($45) is also a great surprise gift. A charcoal mask is one thing every traveller didn’t know they needed (post-flight, do a mask and your skin will fawn). For couples, it’s also a fun joint activity, and since it’s not drying or excessively harsh, it won’t leave your skin feeling like it’s been stripped of everything good. Instead, it’s a deep pore clean that replaces grime with nourishment. Not a bad tradeoff.

Best for: a partner. Couples love Masks, it's a fact. You can Mask solo and love it, too, but this one is really fun times for lovers.

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