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It’s a core goal of WSC to support people doing legit active things. We’re made for it. And so we’re duly honored to have partnered with two amazing athletes for 2020 — Amity Rockwell and Sunny Stroeer.

Amity rides bikes. Sunny climbs mountains and runs trails. Both do lots of other things — but their accomplishments in these respective disciplines cannot be overlooked. Amity, who started as a runner, won the illustrious Dirty Kanza 200 gravel race in 2019 and will compete in a calendar of races throughout 2020. Sunny just returned from the peak of Aconcagua, where she holds multiple records, and has climbed Mera in Nepal, Kilimanjaro, Grand Teton, Mount Hood, and Cotopaxi, to name a few.

Trophies and accolades are only a tiny, impressive part of the story. Both women bring a voice of inclusivity, encouragement, support and love to their pursuits and communities. Yes, they’re trailblazing and chalking up records in the history books. Yes, they’re the quite literal best in what they do. But what appeals to us is that they’re doing so in a way that not only are the records rewritten, but the entire sport is driven in a new direction. Who is involved, how people are treated, and what the experience is changes because of these women. And that’s what it’s all about.

Amity exudes casual excellence — a quiet, fiery confidence. It’s a no coach approach that takes winning seriously, but never loses sight of the larger picture. It’s gravel racing. It’s serious. We love it. But it’s also a sport founded on not being high stress. It’s about gathering together, supporting one another, and hanging out post-race. Amity might leave you dusted on the first climb, but she’ll be there post-race to celebrate. She’s also a force in getting more women to sign up for races — fighting for equity in registration for major races. If you want to get into riding bikes, love riding bikes, already crush life riding bikes, Amity is 1,000% on your team. And we love that.

It’s so tempting to only focus on the accolades with Sunny, because they are so compelling. Speed records. Solo ascents. Beating the men by four hours for the fastest known time (FKT). But don’t stop there — Sunny is also leading fully female mountaineering expeditions. She hikes summits with her mom. She’s disbanding the boys club. Which, if you think about it, is one of the most beautiful accomplishments the sport has seen. Forget records. Let’s break down the walls. Let’s do this for everyone. Let’s kill the exclusive nature. Lives are changed on these mountains, and that is for everyone. For her work in that regard, we’re super grateful. It’s difficult work. It’s its own climb. But we can’t imagine anyone more qualified.

One final note: WSC is for everyone. Full stop. Our choice to represent two female athletes is not a commentary on our product or market, it’s a choice to support underrepresented and unequally funded athletes. We know they’ll continue to break down barriers in their sports, and we look forward to being there by their side along the way. Everyone’s in this, but not everyone gets the same treatment or compensation. We’re doing one tiny thing toward better equality — and we’re extremely proud to do our part in supporting these generous, capable women.

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